Allergy is one of the diseases that occur in the internal organs and can cause damage to the them

In the immune system, an overreaction occurs to various foreign substances.
These diseases and the response of the immune system are called allergic diseases. Our Allergy and Immunology Department deals with the diagnosis and treatment processes of diseases that affect the immune system and reduce body resistance. In recent years, the incidence of allergic and immunological diseases has been increasing day by day due to changing living and environmental conditions and nutritional habits. Health problems that our allergy and immunology department deals with are,

Treatment methods applied by our allergy and immunology department:
 Protection methods,
 Allergen vaccine treatment (immunotherapy),
In our drug desensitization department, tests are applied to determine the agent that causes the disease and the type of reaction of the agent.
After the tests, they plan the treatments, taking into account the general health status and living standards of the patient, under the guidance of specialist physicians.