In the Algology department, the chronic pain is relieved
with a personalized treatment, and the patient returns to their old lifestyle

Algology is the branch of science in which the cause of chronic pain that
lasts for a long time is determined and treated. Algology department
examines the pains that develop in the body by dividing them into 2 groups.
These are;
 Acute (nexus) pain: Pain caused by a disease or tissue damage. It is
referred to as the body’s alarm system.
 Chronic (continuous) pain: Pain that continues for at least 3 months.
Chronic pain is not the cause of the disease, but the disease itself. When we
examine the methods used to relieve pain in modern medicine, the following
methods are used;
 Drug therapy: The treatment method applied to the patient according
to the drug use standards determined by the World Health Organization,
Interventional pain treatment: the process of blocking the nerve fibers
that transmit the pain that does not go away despite regular drug use. In
interventional pain treatment, depending on the cause and region of the pain,
the feeling of pain can be eliminated according to the treatment performed
between 3 and 8 years. In the treatment of interventional pain, treatments
differ depending on the cause and region of chronic pain. These are;

 Epidural lysis (Resolution)
 Sympathetic blocks
 Morphine pumps
 Inspection point injection
 Nucleoplasty (The process of removing the nucleus pulposus tissue using radiofrequency energy)
 Diagnostic methods
 Neurolytic blocks (Blocks that prevent nerve damage) It is very important for your health that you examine our specialists and learn detailed information about our treatment methods.
The diseases treated in our algology department are listed as follows;
 Head and face pain
 Neck, shoulder and arm pain
 Back and chest pains
 Abdominal and groin pains
 Back and leg pain
 Pain due to vascular occlusion and diabetes
 Neuropathic pains
 Unexplained pain
 Cancer pain and more