Why Turkey For Treatment?

First ten countries of origin of the international patients coming to Turkey to receive medical services, are respectively; Azerbaijan, Iraq Germany, Libia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Kosovo and Georgia.

When looking at the cities preferred most by international patients, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir and Yalova come to the fore. The most common branches are oncology treatments, organ and bone marrow transplantations, heart diseases, hair transplantations and reconstructive surgery.

We proudly define you 18 good reasons Why should one  prefer Turkey for Health Tourism:

Patients from 45+ country

180+ happy patient


Experienced Human Resources

In Turkish Healthcare, doctors, nurses, patient care, diagnostic, treatment and management practices are carried out according to North American and Europian standards for many years. There are many university departments and trainin programs which aims to educate our medical staff and health managers. We will be more than happy to provide the CV of the physican recommended by us.

JCI Accredited Hospitals

Since 2019, there are 44 JCI accredited hospitals in Turkey. JCI is a difficult standard to maintain. The criteria to get accreditation is much tougher and more expensive than many others. By the number of hospitals that are accredited, Turkey is in the top three countries in the world. Please do not forget to ask your case representative about the accreditations of the hospital by your choice.

The City That Lives 24/7: Istanbul

You will never get bored in Istanbul! There are many options for you and your companions such as cultural tours, sea tours, entertainment tours. Our case representatives will assist you with the options. Just be good during your trips and take care of your health!