Cartilage damage, which can occur in the joints for different reasons, causes wear, pain and eventually calcification, especially in the knee and hip joints.


Since cartilage is a very special structure, it cannot renew itself when the cartilage cell dies, so it is necessary to stop this damage in the joints and prevent its progression.

Stem cells are collected from bone marrow and adipose tissue

Stem cells in the human body are prepared from bone marrow or adipose tissue and transferred to the damaged area of ​​the knee with the help of an injection.


In case of damage to the knee cartilage, it is necessary to ensure that the stem cells act only in the damaged area without spreading into the knee. Stem cells specially prepared for this purpose are given to the damaged area, while collagen or hyaluronic acid-based carriers provide targeted effects.


Stem cells are the main cells that have the potential to transform into all cells in the body. Stem cells, which are divided into two as embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells, have the ability to regenerate adult tissues in adults, so they allow the body to be repaired.

How are stem cells obtained?

Stem cells are obtained from adipose tissue and bone marrow. Local anesthesia is applied in order to prevent the patients from feeling pain during the cell removal process. Stem cells in the adipose tissue taken from the pelvis or umbilicus are subjected to filtering and separation under sterile conditions.


After the completion of the stem cell preparation process, which takes approximately 20-30 minutes, the pure stem cells obtained are given to the patient by injection.


In order for stem cell therapy to be successful, patients must be selected correctly and stem cells must be obtained with the appropriate technique. In order for stem cell therapy to be long-lasting, patients need to make some permanent changes in their lives and apply them throughout their lives.


Losing excess weight, if any, following healthy eating rules for the rest of life, and regular exercise affect the success of the treatment significantly.

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