Why Turkey For Treatment?

First ten countries of origin of the international patients coming to Turkey to receive medical services, are respectively; Azerbaijan, Iraq Germany, Libia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Kosovo and Georgia.

When looking at the cities preferred most by international patients, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir and Yalova come to the fore. The most common branches are oncology treatments, organ and bone marrow transplantations, heart diseases, hair transplantations and reconstructive surgery.

We proudly define you 18 good reasons Why should one  prefer Turkey for Health Tourism:

Patients from 45+ country

180+ happy patient

Travel Planning

Hera Healthcare guides you with the procedure to get your visa easily. We maintain the documents to be provided from Turkey, which ease the Embassy procedures. If you require any guidance regarding the arrangement of the flight and hotel, Hera Healthcare is ready to provide its free service.

Online Consultancy

In case you would like to have a conversation with our physician in order to ask his/her 2nd Opinion about your case or regarding the treatment plan he/she prepared for you, we can arrange an Online Call. If required, free translation service is provided during this call by Hera Healthcare.


After your return home, whenever you have an issue regarding your treatment, you can undoubtedly contact Hera Healthcare and inform us about the situation. We will follow and provide full support.