About Us

Solidarity, common sense, reliability, sincerity, transparency guided by the experience and principles are reference values of Elite Group’s founding philosophy.

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Health Tourism Agency

Elit Group is a new-generation intermediary service provider characterized by a sound organizational structure, wide-spectrum solution partner network, multinational and young team and a personnel policy based on profit sharing.

International Business Development Counseling

You have an international patient department, but your business development team is weak? We serve you with our model titled “Identify the target market, create marketing tools, organize and educate the team and inspect periodically”.

Health Tourism Consueling

Do you want to establish an international patient center in your healthcare facility and to get counseling services? We serve you with our model titled “Establish, structure, divide into functions and assign”.

Elite Group’s Founding Philosophy

Three Generations are combined in Health Tourism!

Yes, you read right. The Hera 3.0 generation is joining the crew step by step.

Let us tell some about the details: Our story begins with Mrs. Afrodita (Ayfer), the mother of the family, becoming a nurse. In fact, it is health tourism that she did in the 1990’s, but the name of the profession has not yet been pronounced in Turkey.

When Acıbadem Healthcare Group started its first hospital in Acıbadem district in 1991, the family saw the health sector as the potentially shining star of Turkey in the future.

Elite Group, a health tourism brand:

In 2016, Elite Group was established with careful steps. However, it had to wait until 2020 for its institutionalization and growth. And today, in 2023, in just 26 months, with four registered brands, four companies operating in Turkey and abroad, professional accreditations, multilingual team, call center, wide sub-agency and representative network, offices and representatives, thousands of patients, Elite Group continues her journey in a stable and safe condition. While all the good developments continue, the footsteps of the third generation of the Hera family are getting closer and closer.

Together we say: Hera Healthcare is your reliable solution partner in health tourism!

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